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Submit maintenance requests, communicate with management and maintenance, pick repair times, provide feedback, and more! Our new maintenance system is called Property Meld and can be accessed from your phone (no app required), computer, or any internet-connected device. 

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 If we have done a good job (or need to improve somewhere) let us know.   You can use the link above or find us on Yelp, Facebook, or your favorite real estate site.     

Tenant Application


PLEASE READ BELOW for frequently asked questions and other info then click the link to be taken to our application page.   

Payment Options

Drop Off


Feel free to drop the rent money in form of check or certified funds at the McDonough office location.  If you arrive after hours or while we are in the field there is a mail slot in the front door and a drop box in the lobby.   Just make sure your payment is in a labelled envelope so that we know who paid.  Please no cash.



It is FREE to pay online.   Just login to the portal, add a payment account, connect your banks routing and account number.  You can set up auto payments or login monthly to process payment.  There is a $29 service fee to pay with a credit/debit card that you do not have to pay if you link your checking account



Feel free to mail a payment (no cash) to our McDonough office.  Remember to allow enough time to for it to arrive on time.   If you send it on the 31st it may not arrive by the 2nd business day of the month.   

Need Maintenance? Here's how to request:

Online through Property Meld


This is the fastest and preferred method.  

Text / Call 770.727.1720


Make sure you identify yourself and the property.  This is best for emergency and after hour service calls needed.  You can also email your property manager.  



Service calls resulting from clogged plumbing, unchanged AC filters, or other tenant caused issues may result in the charge being added to your account for payment.  

Tenant FAQ


Read the FAQ, then click the image to the left or the link below to go to the application page.


What are the qualifications?  

We check Credit, Civil Background, Criminal Background, Income/Employment, & previous Rental History.   

Credit - We like to see credit over 600, but with an increased deposit we can work with you if credit is over 500 provided there are no other issues.  We have yet to approve anyone with credit under 500, but credit alone is not the only factor.   No credit is treated just as favorably as good credit. Landlord collections are an automatic denial.  

Civil Background - Bankruptcies must be paid off and greater than 5 years old.   Eviction judgments are an automatic denial unless you can show that you have made good on your promise to pay and the credit bureau has not reported it.  Eviction filings that ended in dismissal we can work with as long as there is not a repeated pattern and there are no other issues to overcome, i.e. credit.  

Criminal Background - We do not rent to anyone currently on probation or parole.  We know many people have issues in their past and as long as we do not see a repeated pattern of criminal activity we can work with you.  

Income/Employment - We require income to be 3 times the rent amount.   If the rent is $1,000 the combined monthly income for adults will need to be $3,000.  On the application you will be asked to provide your gross monthly pay.  If all your other reports come back favorably then we will request 2 months of pay stubs, an employment letter if you are a new hire, or 2 years of w2s if you are self employed.   The pay you receive on paper must match what you report on the application.    

Previous Rental History - We contact previous landlords and look for potential gaps in your residence history.  If you cannot provide us their information we have no way of getting a positive recommendation from them.   If you have a recommendation letter, please email it to us.  That always helps in our decision.   If you own a home with a mortgage on it where that loan payment and your future rent payment exceeds the income threshold then we may request more information.        What are the qualifications?  

How much is the application fee?

The application is $50 per adult.  Our policy is that ALL ADULTS that live in the property must apply and be named on the lease.   The ONLY exceptions are for commuting college age adults or elderly adults that are related to the tenants named on the lease, but will not be financially responsible for the rent payments.

I pay all the bills in the house and am the primary decision maker.  Does my spouse or significant other need to apply?  

Our policy is that ALL ADULTS that live in the property must apply and be named on the lease.   The ONLY exceptions are for commuting college age adults or elderly adults that are related to the tenants named on the lease, but will not be financially responsible for the rent payments.   

What is your pet policy?

We allow each individual owner to choose whether they allow us to rent a property to pet owners.   If the owner has approved that, then we require an additional $400 per pet refundable security deposit.   It is refundable as long as you can show flea treatment and an invoice for carpet cleaning at move-out.  Service animals with proper documentation are not treated as pets and are allowed in any property we manage.   

Do you accept Section 8 or housing vouchers?

We allow individual owners to decide whether they will allow us to rent a property to someone needing public assistance.  If the owner has approved it, then we will market the property as "section 8 accepted" otherwise the owner has declined that opportunity.  

I can't pay my rent on time, what do I do?

We know stuff happens.   What we don't know is when stuff happens to you.   Talk to us.   If you fail to notify us or make arrangements we can't help you.   We are not going to yell or scream at you.  We will treat you with professionalism & decorum while we work together to resolve the issue. 

Fair Housing Statement

 Advantage Property Mgmt is committed to compliance with all federal, state, and local fair housing laws.  Advantage Property Mgmt will not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, disability, or any other specific classes protected by applicable laws. Advantage Property Mgmt will allow any reasonable accommodation or reasonable modification based upon a disability-related need. The person requesting any reasonable modification may be responsible for the related expenses. 

Download a current copy of our Tenant Handbook